We Are All Cryptcl Idiot Savants?

I created the term ” cryptcl idiot savant” to explain the behaviors and variable decisions by all of us so-called normal people. Here is my explanation of what these terms mean and why the are coupled together to provide a clearer picture of who we all are.

  • Cryptcl: we are all speaking our own language because many of the expressions and phrases we use have very different common term definitions, and we just don’t realize it. Regardless of what anyone thinks, we are really speaking two different languages and think we are speaking the same language. I recall speaking to a female fellow employee and using the word “soul mates” during a discussion of world views. She was offended because to her “soul mates” represented an overt sexual proposition. It was not intended that way at all. My definition of “soul mates” is not “one’s true love” but rather that one’s heart and sexual attractions are irrelevant to their beliefs or “world views”. My soul looks at the world through my eyes. We see the world through the same eyes and therefore are “soul mates”. Now most likely I am using the phrase “soul mates” wrong, but my understanding at the time was what I based my conversation on, and “soul mates” is not included in my dictionary that I use online.
  • Idiot: being an idiot is not really an insult. An idiot is someone who is not aware of some information on a particular subject. All of us are unaware of some information on every subject. I have always bristled when someone calls themselves an “expert” on anything. Being an “expert” implies being infallible. No one is “infallible” on any subject, any skill, or any topic practiced. Some think they are are. The ones that call themselves “experts” are arrogant narcissists and not “experts”. Anyone with an extensive formal education can remain an “idiot” on certain subjects or aspects of our life.
  • Savant: a savant is not really a genius. Instead it is the natural ability to understand or perform amazing behaviors of a cerebral or physical nature. Usually no training is needed. The ability comes naturally. Photographic memory, exceptional mathematical skill and precision, and exceptional perception are 3 types of savant capabilities. A “Rain Man” can just look at a pile of toothpicks and know how many there are, or think of a date and tell which day of the week it falls on.

A “Cryptcl Idiot Savant” is what we all are, naturally. In our communications everyday we reveal our idiocy and extraordinary abilities and skills. We try to communicate those using “our own” definition of the language we were trained to speak. Language is the main reason there are miscommunications throughout the world. Some languages don’t translate well into other languages, and meaning can be inconsistent and unintentionally lost. Two people using the same language rarely confirm understanding and definitions of the terms they are using.

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