The Syrian Challenge

America is pushed to make a stand against the brutal forces of Assad. Assad’s forces have butchered their own people and it is time for the U.S. to take a stand for the good fight. Assad must be replaced with another regime. Even Al Qaeda based government is better than the Assad regime.

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The Benghazi Deception

The Benghazi hearings scheduled to allow  whistle blowers to have their say will prove to be a watershed event. 8 months after Benghazi and we still have no one brought to justice for the attack. The government is trying to ignore the attack and ignore the impacts of such an attack on American global security. Al Qaeda and its affiliates is still a threat and now is more distributed under local control and organization. Which means we have a lot more independent groups to follow and protect against. The grand hierarchy of Usama Bin Laden no longer exists and terrorist groups are free to make their own attack plans as was done in Benghazi.. We still must maintain safe gaurds to prevent attacks from a wider range of foes.

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Modern Medicine: Bipolar Shotgun Pharmecuticals Interpolation

I have been diagnosed as Bipolar. There is not a really good explanation of what that really means other than the doctors need to medicate you to make you all better. So I follow my doctors orders, take the medication I am given, and report my progress of symptoms as the drugs take affect. Now one thing that is paramount and impressed on a daily basis…..never abruptly stop taking your meds on your own. The consequences of stopping meds are dangerous and different for everyone. I take the ever changing assortment of meds and try to smile through all the symptoms.

Recently, I have become aware of the medical process involved with treating bipolar patients. Give a mixture of meds used to treat anxiety to depression and then watch the effects of the “shotgun” of meds that has been administered. The doctor analyzes and interpolates the symptoms and then makes adjustments. The meds change, the symptoms change, and the patient is a detached observer of their own pharmecutical fate. Involved in this process is luck, good guesses, and the compassion of the doctor.

I have now been on assorted meds for almost 6 years. The meds have been responsible for bouts of anxiety, depression, mania, and insomnia. I no longer know what is normal for my personality. But I cannot stop the meds. The meds keep coming. It’s like a shotgun of pharmecuticals and then crossing your fingers in hope for a solution to the original problem. All we have are new symptoms with no reference point to the original problem. I am getting depressed.

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Obama: Doubling Down With A Losing Hand?

a marxist socialist runs the White House

Obama is a lost leader. He has let the scandals and problems with his policies fester until he has no way of justifying why he still backs his decisions. Sometimes it makes sense to distance yourself and cut off some dead wood in his administration. But no, Obama has decided to go down with the sinking ship. Like all poor leaders they blame their subjects for the loses and never themselves. He’s not at fault, it’s the press, the GOP, and the American people that have let him down. This is a POTUS who still does not have negative comments made by the MSM.  He still owns the MSM, yet his reputation is in the mud by all the non-MSM reporters. I am getting tired of his “no action” and his whining about his poor situation. Man up and do something POTUS. Instead of “manning up” he’s doubling down with a losing hand.

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#Occupy {Any Street} Protests, Unsuccessful Americans Seeking Socialism?

theses people don't want to be responsible for themselves!

They’re tired and angry about being responsible for themselves. They don’t want to work or educate themselves or do anything that takes personal effort. They want to be like spoiled European’s who live off the socialist system and somehow keep their self-respect. The Europeans are just as unhappy with their system. They are not responsible for their lot in life. The government and the wealthy are! This is the anti-American revolution. Freedom and liberty mean nothing to these weirdos. Only a free lunch and a free life are worth anything!

I looked over their demands. What a pile of nonsense. They want everybody to get paid the same whether they work or not. Gee I think everyone will decide not to work. Here’s just some of the issues they bring up:

  • abandon fossil fuel and nuclear power. I guess that leaves solar, wind, and treadmill power for all of us. Let’s put the energy industry out of business.
  • pay minimum wage of $20.00 per hour. Vast majority of small businesses go bankrupt and there are no jobs at all.
  • pay people same living wage if they work or do not work. Who would select to work?
  • throw away trillions of dollars in infrastructure (stimulus2?) and environmental causes. No return on investment here.
  • put credit rating services and banks out of business by wiping out all debt for everyone. Millions of companies will go belly up.
  • close all private health care providers and have the government do it with a single payer system (Obamacare?).

That’s enough to show the lunacy of these people. Logic, reason, pragmatism, and well thought out demands don’t exists from these people. Hell many of the demonstrators don’t know what they are demonstrating about. They want to be taken care of by socialism?

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Cryptcl: Return Of The Barney Frank Financial Disaster Machine

We all know that Barney Frank was one of the major people responsible for the mortgage and housing crisis in this country. Reducing qualifications for loans makes mortgage too risky. Now Frank wants to issue legislation that will prevent banks from  adding new charges on the bank customers. He believes he is helping people. In fact the complete opposite happens. The banks, knowing they will not be able to increase charges in the future, are therefore raising their charges now before the new laws go into effect. Nice job Barney!  and stop wagging your finger at me.

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Cryptcl: 2012 Election could be Mayan Doom and Gloom for the GOP?

It has become clear to me that both Romney and Perry are not what the Tea Party expected. They are not real conservatives and are chameleons that alter their policies for the current audience. They do not even realize that Tea Party members are very upset with the presidential candidates. Bachmann and Caine are the closest to real pragmatic conservatives. Christy would be a good candidate but he is not running this election and rightly so. He has work to finish in NJ. Sarah Palin is the only other real conservative possibly considering a run, but she is waiting too long and not leading the Tea Party vote as she should.


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Haliburton is corruption? Solyndra, BrightSource Energy Is Just Doing Business With The Government?

Has anyone noticed in the Obama administration that “green crony capiltalism” is WH policy. Green companies with the close ties to this administration and its members are pissing away taxpayers money. The same individuals that don’t mention Solyndra and BrightSource, were the ones that screamed for 8 years about Haliburton and Cheney being cronies.


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Fox Presents Conservative Political Coverage Like An Outlet Of The MSM!

who's locking out Sarah?

Whatever happened to “we report, you decide”?

Fox news is betraying their viewers. The have always stated that they are fair and balanced. They are not. Currently they have presented the GOP presidential field as only Perry and Romney. They present  polls that only show Perry and Romney against Obama. The GOP moderate establishment and Fox news has decided to tell the American people who are the “only” good candidates. This information is tainted by bias towards GOP moderates and it ignores the historic performance of the Tea Party in taking back the House. The Tea Party could be just as historic in the presidential and Senate elections in 2012.


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Obama: I’ll veto any bill that isn’t “balanced” with tax hikes

Americans don’t like to be threatened. Obama is obsessed with raising taxes. It doesn’t matter if the tax increase solves the problem. His knee-jerk reaction to any problem is raise taxes. He places unfair burden on the taxpayer instead of the government worker. Government workers are over payed and over compensated for their work and yet no one is willing to correct past mistakes. Obama is using his vast knowledge of the business world and his business management experience (there is no experience), to bring in more funds for the government to waste.


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GM Rewards Union For Contributing to GM’s Need for a Bailout?

A deal has been reached by GM and the UAW. It is a sweet heart deal for the UAW and a slap in the face  to Ford, Chrysler, and the American taxpayer. We bail them out so they avoid bankruptcy and these knuckleheads use our money to give bonuses to all the UAW union members. Isn’t that like donating to a heart transplant and finding out later the money was used for lattes for everyone? What a complete waste of taxpayer money. Technically, how does this happen when the taxpayer really owns GM through the U.S. government? Do all union workers deserve a $5000.00 bonus? I guarantee not. But to union types mediocrity is always rewarded whether it doesn’t deserve it or not.


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5 Worst (and Best) Places to Live During the Coming Chaos

text source: Lee Bellinger 

Numerous American Cities Face a Long-Term Decline

It’s easy to blame the decline of once-great cities on the recent economic turmoil in our nation. But, that’s not the complete story. Many of our big cities that are falling apart today have been rotting away for years.

Los Angeles makes a perfect case study. For a century, LA experienced explosive growth. The population, business, the economy… it all went through the roof.

Once heralded as a “place of inspiration for nobler living,” today’s City of Angels is becoming a city of horrors. The moribund economy is only part of the problem.


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We Are All Cryptcl Idiot Savants?

I created the term ” cryptcl idiot savant” to explain the behaviors and variable decisions by all of us so-called normal people. Here is my explanation of what these terms mean and why the are coupled together to provide a clearer picture of who we all are.

  • Cryptcl: we are all speaking our own language because many of the expressions and phrases we use have very different common term definitions, and we just don’t realize it. Regardless of what anyone thinks, we are really speaking two different languages and think we are speaking the same language. I recall speaking to a female fellow employee and using the word “soul mates” during a discussion of world views. She was offended because to her “soul mates” represented an overt sexual proposition. It was not intended that way at all. My definition of “soul mates” is not “one’s true love” but rather that one’s heart and sexual attractions are irrelevant to their beliefs or “world views”. My soul looks at the world through my eyes. We see the world through the same eyes and therefore are “soul mates”. Now most likely I am using the phrase “soul mates” wrong, but my understanding at the time was what I based my conversation on, and “soul mates” is not included in my dictionary that I use online.
  • Idiot: being an idiot is not really an insult. An idiot is someone who is not aware of some information on a particular subject. All of us are unaware of some information on every subject. I have always bristled when someone calls themselves an “expert” on anything. Being an “expert” implies being infallible. No one is “infallible” on any subject, any skill, or any topic practiced. Some think they are are. The ones that call themselves “experts” are arrogant narcissists and not “experts”. Anyone with an extensive formal education can remain an “idiot” on certain subjects or aspects of our life.
  • Savant: a savant is not really a genius. Instead it is the natural ability to understand or perform amazing behaviors of a cerebral or physical nature. Usually no training is needed. The ability comes naturally. Photographic memory, exceptional mathematical skill and precision, and exceptional perception are 3 types of savant capabilities. A “Rain Man” can just look at a pile of toothpicks and know how many there are, or think of a date and tell which day of the week it falls on.

A “Cryptcl Idiot Savant” is what we all are, naturally. In our communications everyday we reveal our idiocy and extraordinary abilities and skills. We try to communicate those using “our own” definition of the language we were trained to speak. Language is the main reason there are miscommunications throughout the world. Some languages don’t translate well into other languages, and meaning can be inconsistent and unintentionally lost. Two people using the same language rarely confirm understanding and definitions of the terms they are using.

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Cryptcl: The Feminization Of Violence

Uma Thurman, Keira Knightley, Mariska Hargitay, Kathryn Morris, Angie Harmon, Kyra Sedgewick, Sasha Alexander, Cote De Pablo, Paulie Perrette, Poppy Montgomery, Marianne Jean Baptiste, Maria Bello, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and numerous new television shows and movies all portray capable physically strong intelligent women. Woman after woman are now playing sexually attractive ass kickers to excite the American male libido. Is it OK for women to be placed in such violent positions?

I don’t know. I mean woman are as capable as men, but the reason so many women are getting these roles is because it is sexy. A woman beating the crap out of a man, shooting a man, going toe-to-toe with their male criminal counterparts? It’s sexy to watch women physically and mentally out performing the male crooks and winning the day.

Unfortunately I think we will hit estrogen overload long before we run out of actresses. Who knew that Angie Dickinson’s Police Woman, or Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown and Jackie Brown would be the start of a billion dollar industry?

One interesting note is that police women in real life often play hookers to catch johns. Rarely do we see these women playing hookers. They are too righteous to play a whore but kicking a man in the face is absolutely appropriate. Many would say that I am writing this article because I am threatened by these women. Nonsense. I am completely confident in being a man and being attracted to strong capable women.

Strong women in real life are attacked regularly by the MSM. When is the last time you heard something positive about Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann from the liberal MSM? But these are the same networks producing these feminist shows. Sarah shoots real guns, hunts real animals, and yet she is constantly portrayed as some cretin in the MSM instead of being realistically presented as a strong capable woman. An extreme double standard for strong conservative women versus strong liberal women like Hillary Clinton, Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell, or Hanoi Jane. These liberal women are the real cretins.

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Cryptcl: Santa Claus Is Real!

As we are entering the winter months I have a few words about that so-called mythical giver of gifts.

Does Santa Claus Exist?


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Cryptcl: Worries From Fox’s GOP Moderate Twilight Zone

Whomever thinks that Fox News represents the majority of conservatives wasn’t watching Fox this weekend. Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, and Kirsten Powers proceeded to admonish Eric Cantor because Eric believes all expenses should be taken from lower priority cash that has already been allocated. I am not sure where the Fox News executives got the idea that fiscal conservatives have no supporters. They are GOP Moderates and NOT Tea Party conservatives. It is not Washington spending as usual. Regardless of the reason for spending. We can support victims of storms and nature with alternative sources of funding.


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Cryptcl: An Educated Man Rep. Andre Carson Accuses Tea Party of Wanting The Return Of Jim Crow Laws?

Somebody, anybody show me where the Tea Party has recommended, encouraged, requested, or in any way supported the return of the Jim Crow segregation laws of the early 20th century. The Tea Party is falsely accused and no one thinks to reprimand the false accuser. No just let them lie all they want. So I will confront the false accuser. Mr. Carson you are an educated man but apparently your strong suit is NOT civil rights legislation. I can say this without the slightest chance of contradiction. The Tea Party is against reinstating the Jim Crow laws. The laws were unconstitutional, discriminate against a race of people, and made the social system in America worse not better. So why would the Tea Party want to bring them back?

Oh its the CBC way of calling all Tea Party members racists without any evidence. I have an idea. If you, Mr. Carson, do not know what you are talking about perhaps you might just want to keep quiet. You’re only making a fool of yourself.

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Cryptcl: Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Wants To See Black Americans ‘Hanging on a Tree’

Billie Holiday / Strange Fruit lyrics

Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

As Billy Holiday implies: Hanging “Strange Fruit” was done by white Democrat southerners or those known as “Dixiecrats”. Not northern or southern GOP.


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Cryptcl: Obama’s Sense of Emergency And Concern Leaves Much To Be Desired.

How can Obama be so incompetent and unconcerned in helping to solve the jobs, unemployment, and economy. There is a serious number of Americans in financial distress, and he goes on vacation for a week before revealing his economic solution proposal. When the stimulus plan he had failed the economy was in the crapper and he’s done nothing since.

A president’s priority is the welfare of his citizens. American citizens have not been a priority. Obama has shown no leadership, resolve, or motivation. He really doesn’t seem to care about the financial conditions of his countrymen.

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Cryptcl: MSM Early Start on 2012 Election Fictional News, Fox Must Respond to All

MSM Behavior

  • Misquote GOP, Conservative or Tea Party Members. Always put stupid words in their mouths they didn’t say. Always ignore intelligent words they do say. Always ask them trick nonsense questions like “have you stopped beating your wife!”. The MSM reporter is responsible for making the conservative look bad and always mention something good about Obama. (more…)
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