Cryptcl: Too Close For Comfort? A Third Party? The Tea Party?

Current debt negotiations in Congress are a glaring example of what is wrong with Washington politics. Somewhere along the 2 century path of democratic negotiations our politicians have lost their intended purpose. All politicians take an oath the implies they will do what is best for the country, not what is best for their partisan cronies. The position of POTUS means that regardless of his/her political party, this leader will do what is best for the country. Once the election is won, POTUS becomes the voice of the majority of Americans. Instead our POTUS’ seems to be just another congressional leader for partisan politics as usual. Our current POTUS Obama actually seems like he determines what the majority of Americans want, and then does the opposite. Obama is the champion of unions, illegal immigrants, Muslims, gay minorities, black minorities, far-left antiwar activists, socialists, Marxists, communists, public employees, big government, excessive and fraudulent entitlements, and huge tax increases.

Sometimes it’s better to wait and not pass a rushed band-aid bill with compromised effectiveness. Wait until you have the bill with the policies you want and the votes you need. It’s easier to make progress if you pass bills for the right reason. Namely, they solve a problem or a solution to an issue. Don’t pass bills simply for compromise sake. That’s a waste of everyone’s time and money.

Obama doesn’t look at the statistics to see that the rich are paying far more than their share of currently collected revenues. He doesn’t care that 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all. He doesn’t care if he is creating class warfare in America. He doesn’t care that public unions have excessive benefits which creates anger in the non-union population, as well as bankrupting the federal and state governments. He refuses to see that what’s in the best interest of the unions is not always in the best interest of the majority Americans or the nation. He has demonstrated, with his AG Holder, that racism still exists in legal decisions.

His administration has been provided a “blank check” of MSM protection. The MSM creates Obama all positive all the time, and conservatives all negative all the time, in the delusion that they are reporting the truth to the American people. The complicity of the MSM in the Obama election and administration cannot be overstated. Luckily most Americans have turned to non-MSM sources for their news. If MSM did it’s job, Obama would not have been elected. Since being elected he has demonstrated Chicago thug style of politics, and poor performance in all major areas of POTUS responsibility. He has bribed legislators, lied to the American people, arm twisted politicians, threatened, blackmailed the opposition, and has not executed a single duty of his responsibilities in a fair and non-partisan manner. He is the most partisan, inexperienced, unprepared, clueless, and incompetent POTUS this country has ever seen. He has a list of friends, and a list of enemies. All decisions take these lists into account. Just look at who received Obamacare waivers. If the MSM had reported these truths, he would have lost the election.

This petulant narcissist man-child attitude has forced Congress to remove him from involvement in writing the new debt bill(s). His inflexible demand for $1 Trillion in new taxes in a recession was the reason he was removed. He refused to see that raising taxes in a recession would be a disaster.

We now have infighting between GOP and the Tea Party. The GOP should be aware of the long reach and power of the Tea Party. They created a republican majority in the House. In the 2012 elections they will do the same in the Senate, and in the POTUS. The GOP needs to realize that the majority of American voters support the goals of the Tea Party, and therefore support the Tea Party. It is not political compromise as usual. The majority of Americans are demanding a halt on all partisan squabbling, a halt on bills that have so much compromise in them that they do not solve the intended problem. A halt on being dishonest about America’s serious debt and financial situation. A halt on anything that is not in the best interest of the nation in the long term.

Many in the Tea Party know what is best for the nation and they will work toward that goal. They know that fiscal conservatism can resolve the financial issues over time. Tea Party doesn’t give a damn about Dems, GOP, RINOs, Republicans, independents, or liberal progressives. The Tea Party is a nationwide confident movement of fiscal conservatives from Dems, GOPs, Independents, and American voters. The Tea Party is the real grass roots movement of American voters fed up with partisan compromised bills that don’t do what the American people want.

Politicians seem to be surprised by the informed confidence of the Tea Party. Their informed confidence is directly related to the available internet political choices, knowledge, and philosophies, and the glaring dishonesty of the MSM. The Tea Party knows that if some GOPers/RINOs keep voting positions against the majority of Americans that a Tea Party third party might be the only solution. The Tea Party and their leaders are fully prepared to take their Tea Party to a 2012 third party. They would prefer to work within the GOP, but it is not mandatory and depends on the support and cooperation from GOPers and RINO’s.  The Tea Party also knows that a Tea Party supported candidate can win POTUS in 2012. A GOP/RINO candidate cannot win. Their result will be the same as John McCain. We must elect strong fiscal and social conservatives in the 2012 election(s), or conservatives wills lose a great chance at improving the financial status of the government.

So here we have a real grass roots movement of Americans from all political groups. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, Dems, GOP moderates, Republican, and all classes of society bound together taking the responsible to create a good future for our children and grand-children. They are trying to do what partisan politicians should be doing? Their primary purpose is to fix America’s problems, not just to get reelected like typical partisan politicians.

It is getting too close to a Tea Party third party for the 2012 election. All GOP should decide which camp they want to be in. Tea Party or partisan political mediocrity. Decisions need to be made soon. I fully expect Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy soon. Once announced, based on strength of support in the GOP, Palin will decide whether she wants to go the third party path. I for one will support her in any decision that she makes, I will be disappointed but even if she decides not to run.

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